Monday, October 11, 2004

Sunday Chill Time

We had the delicious casserole for tea yesterday that Debbie made on Saturday washed down with a nice glass of wine. We started watching a film but we both found reading magazines more interesting so ended up switching it off half way through. Zippy came out for the first time since taking a piece out of my finger and made a dash for the sofa again. With Lucy being a little better behaved this time, we let him stay there for a while before getting him back on his perch and into his cage. Over the last couple of days he's started chirping away really high pitched, I don't know where he's picked it up from but I sure do whish he's pack it in, it goes right through you!

As has become normal on a Sunday, we retired early and watched Monarch Of The Glen which featured another new character which leaves me wondering if they'll have managed to replace the entire cast by the end of the series. Himalaya was intriguing to watch as always and I'm looking forward to finding out more about Tibet in next weeks instalment.

It's darker than ever this morning, right up to getting to work and it makes it seem really early, even though I've been arriving at this time at work all through the summer. Feeling a little better, Debbie's gone back in to work today and only has three more weeks to go until she starts her new job. I think it's come about just at the right time, with the nights drawing in, only having half the travelling will make it so much easier.


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