Friday, October 15, 2004

Charity Token

To my astonishment, Debbie arrived home only five minutes after me last night after following one of her work colleagues through a short cut which must have been a good one to cut 20 minutes off the journey. I'd only got as far as feeding the zoo and washing up so with no tea on the go we decided to go to a local supermarket we've not been to for ages.

We didn't have a pound coin for a trolley but we had change so Debbie tried to buy a trolley off someone who had finished with theirs. The first lady said she was using a token, bought from Barnsley Hospice and means you always have it in your purse because you can't spend it. It seems like an excellent idea and we'll be popping down to get a couple soon.

Looking at the till receipt when we got home, I don't know how we got all the stuff in one trolley, I can remember waddling from the car to the house yelling, "I'm going down, I'm going down" and dropping one of the bags on the picnic table before my arm gave way.

We ended up having pizza and garlic bread for tea washed down by the usual vodka and coke. We had an hour on the computer, putting a new shout box on Debbie's blog and then watched some telly. We were getting in to a film called The Thirteenth Warrior but with all the adverts and a news break we were too tired to stay up and watch it to the end.

Crunchie day is here again, we've not made any firm plans for the weekend except that there will be no getting up early and copious amounts of doing bugger all!


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