Thursday, February 05, 2009

This Weeks Snow

It's been a bit on the wintry side this week! The snow showers started on Sunday, nothing much on the ground by nightfall but by Monday morning we had a couple of inches of snow to wake up to. The drive into work wasn't too bad, the roads we're fairly clear and there wasn't too much traffic.

We had snow shower after snow shower through Monday and by mid afternoon, I was allowed to leave early given there was about 4 inches of snow and rising. Debbie on the other hand had to stay at work until the bitter end and by the time she set off, we had 5 inches of snow on the ground and the roads were getting increasingly tricky. It took Debbie an hour and a half to make the usual 20 minute journey back home!

We had some fun and games getting the car onto the drive but we got there in the end. By the time the snow stopped, we had a grand total of 6 inches on the ground with drifts a foot high around the garden.

We had no further snow on Tuesday and it started to melt a little, by Wednesday it was starting to melt a little faster in the winter sunshine but we still had at least 4 inches of snow everywhere.

This morning the snow came again, started about 7am and carried on until noon, giving a fresh fall of about 2 inches. This lighter fall seemed to cause more problems on the roads than the heavier fall on Monday.

The main roads are clear, the gritters seem to have got on top of the situation faster this time and we're not expecting any more now for a few days at least. We've not seen the tarmac on our road since Sunday but at least the packed snow has filled in all the pot holes!

We can't wait to get out in the countryside at the weekend, until then, here's a few snaps from this week.

Woodland Snow

Snow Field

Woodland Snow

Snowing Again



Tony said...

wow sounds like you have had it longer than us... started Sunday night and carried on Monday, getting to a great 10 inches on the lawn... but that was it... by today its all but gone... Monday was fun though ;o)
keep safe and warm

Kelly said...

Have fun in the snow this weekend!! I think our snow will begin to melt on Saturday as the temp is supposed to rise to the 50s (F).