Saturday, February 21, 2009

Almost On The Ice

The plan was to get fixed up with some ice skates this morning and take to the ice at Ice Sheffield later on but we're going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

We've tried ice skating before but the hire skates had us in so much pain we gave up after a few minutes so having decided to give it another go, we also decided we should do it right.

We arrived at the Puck Stop, the skate shop at Ice Sheffield and were greeted by very friendly and helpful staff. Debbie tried on loads of figure skates before narrowing the choice down to just two. They didn't have quite the right size for one of them and rather than just go for the ones they did have, the helpful lady insisted they order the right size for the others so Debbie could also try those.

For some reason, the selection of figure skates for me was one and unfortunately, my shoe size in those was too long so they've also ordered the smaller size for me to try in a few days. I did suggest trying hockey skates but the lady rightly pointed out that it's a totally different style of skating and was having none of it. If we're learning to skate together, it will help if we're both learning the same style!

So, we're not quite on the ice yet but we will be and with the help from the staff at Puck Stop, I'm sure we'll enjoy the experience more when we do.



Jennyta said...

I'm very impressed, but rather you than me!

Kelly said...

...when they come in I hope you have fun. My husband and son are hockey players and are fantastic skaters. I have fun but am not very good...and probably look a lot like Frankenstein on the ice!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like fun! I've always wanted to learn to iceskate. Good luck, when your skates come in. Be sure to take plenty of pics!

Jennifer said...

Skates really are a pain. Literally. It's most important that you get ones that fit well and you have room to move. If not.. skating is just not fun! Which it should be :)

Good Luck!

Sue said...

I forgot to mention that when my daughter was a girl, we liked to watch ice skating on TV, and once went to a live performance of professional skaters. She wanted to learn, and we didn't have an indoor rink here yet. We were able to rent skates from the parks and rec dept. and go out on the lakes. I never did so well. We went 50 miles away a few times to skate inside. Once, a teenage girl and her boyfriend saw me struggling, and took me under their wings. They got me to skating! I'm sure I'd be starting over now.

I hope you two find someone to give you tips and you learn how to move on the ice. Have fun!

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