Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Week

Well not much has happened since last weeks snow apart from its melting, just work, work and more work! At least the journey has been pleasurable.

Friday night as usual its shopping night, managed to get it all done and home by 6.30pm, we decided to have Vodka Martinis, me being the sensible one only manage one glass, but as usual Paulie had to go 3 he knew about it Saturday morning!

Dad still can not drive so we took him shopping yesterday and then we decided to go Ikea (Dads never been before) we were herded round like sheep and got some good bargains, near to the end of the shop is the plant bit were we got three rose bushes at a £1 each proper Bargain! Some Tete a Tete and my favorite a ickle green plant that looks like grass but I can not find the name for.

Only having breakfast at 9am and now it was 3.30pm I was ready to keel over so we decided to find some food, we drove past Starbucks so we decided Pizza Hut would be good only to find we had to wait 10 mins for one of twenty plus tables that were already empty and looking at the menu did not fancy anything, you could see the look on Paulie's face (oh no she ain't liking it here) so we walked out, next we ventured to Exchange a Bar & Grill, walked inside and it smelt fantastic.

We were served in five mins and the drinks arrived, then the meal which was very tasty, now refueled we set off back home, dropped dad off and collapsed on the sofa for a chilled night, watched all last weeks Come Dine with Me and Brothers & Sisters.

Its Sunday morning, Paulie is up showered and ready to go, while I am sat on the sofa still in me PJ's and can't be arsed doing anything at all.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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T and S said...

You have some amazing snowscape images. I especially like the ones where you have the sun, water source and snow in the same frame...Thomas