Monday, January 26, 2009

Very Litte Help

We visited a new Tesco store yesterday and needed something for Debbie's shoulder pain. The in store pharmacy suggested some pain killers and a heat patch which contained no drugs. We found one but when we tried to pay for it at the checkout they refused to sell it because it wasn't on file and confiscated it. Not taking no for an answer, I went back to the shelf, took a picture of the product and the price, picked another one up and took it to customer services.

They still refused to part with the goods untill I showed them the picture and then with a huff they relented.

They must have forgotten that "every little helps"



Jennyta said...

Unbelievable! How on earth do they make the massive profits they do when they treat customers like that?

gemmak said...

Tesco! Ugh! I have recently had a BIG run in with them on a point of retail took time but I won in the end. Good for you digging your heels in, these massive corps. need us little people to make a stand sometimes!

Love the new header btw :o)

Tony said...

your mistake is that you were not a customer at the point of trying to get the heat wrap... so off course they will not help you...
hope you are feeling better Debbie..


Kelly said...

...very cute shot of your dog in the banner!

I had intense shoulder pain 3 years was not fun. I hope Debbie's pain clears soon. My brother (a personal trainer) helped me rebuild the shoulder through weight training, also mixing in yoga stretches. Took about a year. Good luck with your recovery.

Anonymous said...

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