Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wandering Scales

Last night was one of those nights when the computer is just not destined to be switched on, instead we sat down and had a good read, not a good book or anything, that's going a bit too far Debbie read the TV magazine for next week along with the latest issues of two women's mags, while I read two photography magazines, looking at all the models ... of cameras obviously.

It was getting late and I think because we'd tried for the first time to do diet days in a row, eating only fruit and veg, we were both feeling it bit, not so much peckish but it was taking it's toll, so we raided the fridge! We're still going on with the diet, although we've changed the rules slightly so we're eating the same but the fruit and veg is spread out a bit more evenly.

We learned last night that you should always get weighed in the morning, we tried the scales in every corner of the house, getting a different weight every time, but all more than they should have been.

This morning, we nervously jumped on the scales to find we've both lost another 3 pounds, so that's almost a stone for each of us in 3 weeks!



Anonymous said...

I love your site and wanted to ask if it was ok if I link to you.

Jennyta said...

Great stuff! Keith and I are trying but getting nowhere. It's the vin rouge that's the problem!

JustSue said...

Congrats on the weight loss to both of you!