Monday, November 08, 2004

Droopy Lucy

It's been another busy weekend, on Saturday we went into town for a few bits an pieces before heading off to the retail park at Castleford where we each got a ski jacket for our honeymoon in Scotland. With only 39 days to got to our wedding day, we're fast running out of weekends to sort things out, luckily, there isn't that much to do now. Debbie goes for her first fitting next Saturday and the bridesmaids the week after while I've got to wait until December to try my suit.

Saturday night we watched the last Saturday Night Take Away and then had a proper chuckle at Shrek 2, I love that cat On Sunday morning, Lucy was looking really down in the dumps. We took her to the car boot with us but with all the people there she kept dragging her heels all the way round and Debbie had to keep picking her up.

Leaving there, we went to Dads for a cuppa and Lucy was really clingy, wanting to sit on someone's knee the whole time. When she did eventually sit on the floor, we found out what the problem was, her eyes were going, the lids almost shutting and her head was lowering slowly towards the carpet, she was tired out!

Getting back home, Lucy slept for the whole afternoon while Debbie printed out some more Order Of Service sheets and I sorted out the washing. By tea time Lucy was back to her normal self, terrorising Zippy


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