Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Late Night Boot Shopping

We were out of cat litter when I got home yesterday so in one movement, I had my coat off and back on again! They're going through two bags a week and we have to get the expensive stuff because Toddy won't entertain any of the cheap wood, clay or paper based stuff ..lol..

In the post we got a flyer from Matalan which showed some nice tops at nice prices, so after tea we went down for a shufty. Debbie came back with two pairs of boots and three nice tops while I got a pair of gloves and a watch.

I've not been wearing a watch for ages, using the mobiles for the time instead. We were a bit stuck at the hospital at the weekend though with the mobiles off and only two hours on the car. Luckily there was a clock on the wall that Debbie could see from where she was sitting, the alternative was for me to try reading the time on the nurses fob watches as they walked past which could have lead to me being escorted out early ..lol..

When we got back we had a quick look at blog land and then an even quicker look at the weather charts, I tend not to linger over them much if there's no snow in the offing. We had I'm A Celebrity on for all of 10 seconds, the titles a bit over the top now with the only people recognisable being the hosts Ant & Dec, I think now everyone has seen the show, only flagging ex celebs are prepared to give it a go, to try and re-launch their career.


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