Friday, November 26, 2004

Bat Out Of Hell

With tea polished off quite early last night, Debbie suggested we go to Matalan at Parkgate, Rotherham especially as we had some money off vouchers from our last trip. We arrived and Debbie grabbed a trolley.... we never have a trolley there, just a basket, getting a trolley in a clothes shop means some serious shopping is about to start.

Debbie got loads more nice tops and a new pair of trainers, I got a couple of pairs of jeans, but the next size down to what I am currently, with the diet going so well. When we got to the checkout, the lady on the till pointed out the small print on the vouchers - to be used in December! Bugger!

When we got back home, we tried everything on, my jeans did fasten but only just, I've quite a way to go in just three weeks and it is a bit of a concern. So there I was, for half an hour, going like a bat out of hell on the exercise machine!

We did try looking at blog land later but either Blogger or Haloscan was having an off day and didn't want to come out to play so we switched the thing off and watched some telly instead. American Werewolf In London was just starting and despite being tired I ended up watching it to the end even though I have seen it about ten times before.

At last it's Crunchie Day and for the first time in a few weekends, our time is our own with no wedding plans left to sort out and no Christmas or any other kind of shopping required!


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gemmak said...

How long until the wedding.....can't be long now??