Tuesday, November 16, 2004

On Edge

Debbie did the shopping yesterday at lunch time and it cost much less than it usually does at our normal supermarket, so I think we'll be going there in future. We had a buffet style tea which we love doing, just pulling a load of stuff out of the fridge and tucking in.

After tea Debbie had a quick go at Spyro on the playstation, the cursing soon started so she had to chill out by starting another scraperfoil ..lol.. The dolphin one she did on Sunday looks fantastic and this tiger one looks like it's going to be mega too! I spent an hour long five minutes checking the weather forecasts and weather charts looking for snow ..lol..

My Brother was supposed to be calling me last night after going to see Dad and letting me know how things were going with our dippy younger Brother but I never got the call so we're a little on edge this morning not knowing how things are going. I'll be speaking to Dad tonight to find out how Grandma is after her operation on her hip today and hopefully will hear that all is well.


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