Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Call Centre

It was like a call centre in our house last night, with a long list of calls that I needed to make. First call was my Dad, he's doing OK and Grandma had the operation yesterday, she's doing well but will be in intensive care for a while with a nurse watching over her 24/7. It's huge relief that it's gone well and we can't wait to see her at the weekend :-)

Next I called my Brother for a quick chat and then moved on to the wedding preparations, calling first the caterers to make sure I could pick up the table cloths the day before he wedding. With that sorted next was the pub that are running the bar, there are few details to sort out here so we've arranged to go over there to discuss the arrangements.

Debbie called the lady who was doing the cake and that's coming along nicely :-) Next I called the lady of the hall to see if we could sort out some helium but she had gone AWOL so I'll try here again tonight. Last on the list was the place we are staying in Scotland, but that was on answer phone so I'll call them at some point today, just to make sure everything's cushty.

Later on after our call centre closed for business, our friend came over to see us, he's off to Belgium next week and he's been kind enough to fetch us back some baccie and a few bottles of the hard stuff :-) We're going to end up with more booze in our Christmas box than they've got down at the off-licence lmao!

This morning we were both sat watching the telly when the weather forecast came on, it's looking like snow for some areas tomorrow but I think for round here it's only going to be the higher places, we'll see, the forecast has been know to be wrong on the odd occasion ;-)


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