Thursday, November 18, 2004

Oh So Tired

I set up the exercise machine last night, up until now, the most exercise I've got from it is carrying it up and down stairs We both had 10 minutes on the thing and our legs were all over the place when we got off

We started watching Star Wars - A New Hope and Debbie finished off the tigers scratchy foil thingy, we were both too tired to watch it all, so went upstairs to watch The Mummy Returns on telly and when that stopped for the news, I just about managed to stay awake for the weather forecast, then I was out like a light!

This morning we overlaid for the first time in ages, no time for breakfast or a leisurely cuppa, running around like maniacs and just managing to get out of the door in time. Hopefully the extra sleep will stand us in good stead if we have a long night watching the lamp post outside for snow!


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