Friday, November 19, 2004

There's Snow On Them There Hills!

Well, what an exiting and busy night we had! Debbie called me from Sheffield to say that the rain had turned to snow there, I had to wait nearly another hour before it turned to snow here just before home time. The drive home was amazing with the snowflakes driving down through the headlight beam. It's years since we've had snow like this in November and we're both hoping that it's a good omen for the coming winter.

After tea we went over to the pub that's running the bar for our wedding, the roads were getting worse but still passable if you didn't drive like a lunatic and trust me, there were some about last night. We've got every sorted out now, Debbie's quantro and I've got a three barrels of beer although I might just have to share those with everyone else!

Setting off back we took a detour and headed along the Stocksbridge bypass going towards Woodhead over the Pennines but we soon turned back, the roads were getting worse it wasn't really worth it to take pictures in the dark. Instead we went to the car park outside the church where we are to be married in 28 days time and took some pictures of the trees and bushes heavily laden with snow.

The snow stopped falling at about 8pm as the skies cleared to allow the temperature to drop even further. This morning it was -1.6c (chuffin freezing) when we got up and everything was frozen, including the wipers to the windscreen which were a bugger to sort out!


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Elin said...

We have a good 15 cm of snow and the temperature is -10c