Monday, November 01, 2004

New Month, New Wake Up Time

We've had a great weekend, on Saturday we went over to see my Grandma in Sheffield and went to a another wholesale warehouse, we got loads of stuff, much more than we were looking for I can't wait to get the Christmas decorations up now, we've got more lights than Blackpool lmao! When we got back to Grandma's we had some butties for dinner and Debbie and I were in stitches listening to the banter between my Grandma and Auntie who is more or less her full time carer. It must be hard work, Grandma keeps forgetting things and mixing things up which could be quite upsetting but she finds the whole thing so hilariously funny, we just can't help but laugh too.

On the way home we called at a retail park and picked up a Top Up TV, for 7.99 a month you get a few more TV channels in addition to the free ones we currently get. When we got home I stuck the card in the slot rang up and registered then tuned to the advised channel number and waited half an hour as instructed, changed to a new channel, waited 20 minutes, nothing. So I called the customer service line, they checked everything and resent the signal, waited an hour, nothing. Called them back and this time they came clean and said that the set top box I had needed something called a CAM and would only cost another 40 quid. I explained it wouldn't and cancelled our subscription before it started.

On Sunday morning, with the extra hour due to the clocks going back, instead of having an extra hour in bed, we had an extra hours shopping! First stop was the car boot sale in Barnsley, then on to another car boot sale near Selby where we got some new cartridges for the printer and card to make Christmas cards. Leaving the muddy car boot sale behind, we now headed for Lakeside in Doncaster which we bought some chocolate from the Cadburys shop. Then it was on to Parkgate retail park in Rotherham, where we got a refund for the TV pack and Debbie got some nice tops. After some deliberation, we called at KFC before making our way home.

Arriving home, we noticed that there was water pouring out of the overflow pipe for the loo, the leaky cistern must have given up teh ghost so while Debbie got everything sorted out downstairs, I raced off to B & Q for a packet of washers. Getting back home it took just 10 minutes to sort it out, lucking inside the bathroom was fine, it was just the back yard that had a good hose down

Debbie made some Christmas cards later in the afternoon while I watched Goodnight Mr Tom, which I've not seen before. Considering it was Halloween, there was nothing even remotely scary on telly, so we settled for George of the Jungle. We had about four groups of mini ghouls and goblins at the door through the night so we ended up giving away most of what we'd bought from Cadburys The extra hour finally started taking it's toll and we ended up going to bed very early.

This morning, we've had an extra half an hour in bed, with Debbie starting her new job today, we don't need to set off so early. It was nice not to be rushing about from getting up to leaving the house for a change. I came into work via the motorway as normal, only with it being an hour later, the queue of traffic was right round the roundabout, so from tomorrow, I'll be taking the scenic route instead!



gemmak said...

Lol...give up and get Sky, not that I would recommend it, I dont watch much TV but by the time you fiddle with all the others you might as well! hehe

JustSue said...

Comments about the over-flow pipe made me smile and brought back memories. We don't have them over here - I guess the overflow just goes down the main waste pipe and into the sewer. But I remember as kids we always knew when Mr. Jackson next door was having his weekly bath (yes, weekly), because that over-flow pipe would be pouring hot soapy water constantly! lol - ta for the giggle.

Astrantia said...

Gah! I won't be one of those tv boxes then. I think it's a rip off for a start, and plus free channels? The BBC isn't free you pay TV license.