Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Walking The Corridors

We both left work early yesterday, Debbie had an appointment at the hospital and this time I was making sure I was going to be there. The car park was very busy but we still made it in plenty of time only to find that the registration desk had been moved to the other side of the hospital. When we got there, they had the details and then walked us back across the hospital to where we had just come from

The appointment was for 3.15pm and we got in there at about 4.45pm, not very good really. At least when we did get seen, the doctor was very nice and for the first time we thought we were getting somewhere :-)

We were in our own cars having gone straight from work and leaving the hospital I decided to take the short cut through town, not realizing it was 5.25pm and rush hour, Debbie did the sensible thing and made straight for the motorway and got home about 10 minutes before me

We managed to stay up quite late, well 10pm anyway We watched Eastenders, Holby City then Wife Swap where for the first time, that we've seen anyway, one of the couples split up after the programme.

This morning we're were ready in plenty of time, just about getting used to the new waking up time and getting more organized, well Debbie is, I'm still a walking zombie until I hit the cold air outside This week seems to be going quite quickly, lets just see how fast home time arrives today!


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