Thursday, November 11, 2004

Musical Sofas

On Tuesday Debbie said that we should change the living room around on Wednesday night, I wasn't all for it to be honest because I knew that the TV would end up at the other side of the room, miles away from the aerial cable.

Arriving home last night, Debbie was already in full swing, with Zippy in a bit of a flap about being relocated and Lucy in a bit of a flap, because that's what she does Anyway, we got stuck in and I got that carried away, I fetched the smaller computer desk from upstairs to make more room for the sofa, that wasn't so bad, trying to get the big desk back upstairs was a bit of a challenge!

Lucy was into everything all night, while I was i the kitchen, I heard the bowl of silver pebbles scatter over the floor and I could hear the air turning blue as Lucy skulked into the kitchen. Toddy just kept out of the way but we did have to move Misty along a couple of time because he just plonks himself down where he likes. Eric was just a blur all night, making his cute 'eeeeoww' sound has he whizzed past

When we got finished, the room looked bigger and just a little bit tidier with all the rubbish gone, mostly junk mail stuffed into drawers or piled up on any available surface. I had to get the portable ariel from upstairs so we could watch some telly, it's not brilliant, most of the channels won't work with it so I'm off in to town today to get an extension for the outside TV aerial.


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JustSue said...

Fingers crossed after all your hard work you both don't decide a week from now that you preferred it the way you originally had it set up!