Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Still Flagging

Arriving home, Debbie was already in full swing making todays tea, a lovely casserole :-) Last night we had sausage, egg and beans on toast, which was lovely!

Sometimes, when Misty decides Toddy needs telling off or Toddy decides Eric needs a telling off, whoever is on the receiving end will let out a squeal and Zippy has obviously been taking notice. When we're both in the kitchen, we'll hear this squealing and rush into the living room only to find all the cats chilled out in their favourite spots while Zippy has a chuckle at our expense!

We've still not shaken the effect of the extra hour, after watching Eastenders and Changing Rooms we called it a night and went to bed, I don't think we're going to be right until the weekend ..lol..

Debbie had a good first day in her new job yesterday, the traffic was a bit on the heavy side with it being later but she still managed to get there in plenty of time. This morning we set off at the same time as yesterday, earlier than we were expecting with the reduced travelling but it's still almost an hour later than last week!


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