Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sorry for the lack of post! It's been a bit of a sad time at the mo, we lost Grandma who is now resting with Grandad and causing havock up there sorting out our guardian angels.......

We just had a week off work and got some much needed jobs done around the house, the bathroom has been redesigned and is looking pretty good, all we need to do in there is pick a suitable floor covering to which we can not make our minds up at all, so hence its bare floorboards, I have acheived something that I thought I would never do and that is tiling part of the bathroom!

We spent a day at Flamingo Land and got burnt to a crisp, the rides were fantastic and even Paulie went on all the fast ones (this aint the norm), but all in all it was fantastic and just what we needed, we giggled all day and came home on a very high.

Thursday was my 36th birthday (boy Im feeling old), we had an appointment at the hospital to see the professor, who was chuffed with how much weight Ive lost and Im now off the tablets but sticking with my change of life, Im not going back to the old Debbie!!

Friday was a day of shopping making sure we had everything for our BBQ on Saturday.

Saturday was a pure delight, I woke up and Paulie had booked me a surprise, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at the cinema, after a chill it was back home to arrange the seating plan and get all the fatty food on the BBQ (Hence I had my food set to one side no FAT in mine Please).

My twin brother Mark and his girlfriend Kath arrived and so did my sister Tracy and her husband Ray, next was Paulie's Dad and his brother David then some very close friends Lisa & Dan with their two Children Beth & Charlie (Our adopted niece & Nephew) and last another close friend Claire with her husband Alec & son James!

We even had a birthday cake and candles to blow out, all in all it was a fantastic night and too much Champagne and no food does wonders for a Sunday wake up!!

Debbie .x.


Maribeth said...

My dear, you are not old at all! I am old! LOL! Happy Birthday!

And my condolences for your loss.

Shannon said...

36 isn't old, you're crazy! lol Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a marvelous one.

Very sorry about your Grandma.

Christa said...

Oh my...that's not old...wait until you've reached my age ;)
Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you had great time :D

Jennyta said...

Many happy returns, Debbie and congratulations on your weight loss. Go, girl! :)

JustSue said...

Oh to be 36 again!! Many happy returns Debbie!

gemmak said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma :o(

....but on a lighter note....36!!!! Hell, I would love to be only 36 again! ;o)