Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Debbie Just Clicks & Goes

It's been a whole week since we last posted, we've just been too busy walking to get any pictures uploaded. We did try this morning but it all went Pete Tong in the rush, we'll have to try again tonight if we get chance.

Debbie got an early Birthday present at the weekend, with the Panasonic FZ7 proving to be somewhat of a disappointment, we've gone back to a tried and trusted Nikon and the one Debbie chose, in about 0.04 seconds was a P5000 which does just about anything you would ever want.

I was worried that having just jumped in and picked this one without trying it out, this too might be too cumbersome to operate but my fears were unfounded. We've taken it walkies a couple of times now and it's superb for Debbie's point, click and go style of photography. It's got all the preset modes you would ever need for point and click as well as all the manual functions I've got on my chunky Nikon D50. The pictures are pin sharp, the colours as fantastic and none of the photos are blurred, even though Debbie does hardly ever hold the camera with two hands, let alone use a tripod.

I'm going to give the Panasonic another go, it's had good write ups and I want to find out why the pictures we've got previously have been so dire. It would be handy for getting those shots of wildlife where 3.5x zoom sometimes isn't enough.


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