Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Beached Whale!!

On Sunday nite, Paul decided to launch himself onto our bed, what a mistake! There was this loud crunching sound and next the bed collasped under the weight of a BEER BELLY the size of a

Luckily we had the Argos catalogue was to hand and much to my surprise was still open and taking orders at 9.30pm, I pick which one we like and it was ordered within five mins....

It has to be delivered to Pauls work tomorrow so he will be watching the fottie upstairs while making our new bed up, lets hope he does not do it

Only one more nite of sleeping on a matress on the floor, mind you we have had the best sleep in ages over the past few nites.....

its always an adventure of somekind or another in this

Till nest time around..


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