Friday, June 18, 2004

Rainy Days!

We watched Big Brother last nite, it was mad, after Michelle and Emma had come back into the house from being in the Bedsit, it kicked off propper style....Jason was gunning for everyone and Victor was having ago at Emma again, this time the security guards had to be brought in and all the contestants were split up.....ooooolala wonder what happens today!!....think big brother have made a propper cock up this time!!

WE have got up this morning to find it raining for the first time this week, its cooled everything down and watered our ickle garden, not sure what we have got planned now for today....

Zippy is very cherpy this morning coming out with all sorts of noises, he is saying hello and quack quack quite well, but all his other noises are im going to have to teach him to


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