Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Cheeky Boy

After a very long first day back at work we managed to stay awake long enough to catch the footie and Big Brother. Well, I watched the footie, Debbie's not at all interested in grown men chasing a ball up and down a field. At least it was up and down the field last night and not 10 yards outside our penalty area for 90% of the match. I think Debbie is becoming a secret Big Brother fan, I don't have to ask to change channels at anymore, she wants to see what they've been up to as much as I do. We're hoping Vanessa goes this week and Jason the week after. Ahmed should probably go as well, every time the show comes on, the opening line is .....Ahmed is alone in the garden...... If they replaced him with a gnome overnight, would anyone notice?

Zippy's just about learnt a new word ... "cheeky". It's almost there, I think he needs a few more days to perfect it. I think he's trying "cheeky boy" as well but that might take at bit more time. Now he's picking things up, we're going to have to be a bit careful with what we say, especially when the cats are mucking about with the window blinds as it's not something you want repeated when you have visitors.


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