Monday, June 21, 2004

Back To Work

Yesterday we went over to see Dad to take his Fathers Day card and goodies and called in at the supermarket on the way home for a few bits and pieces. When we got back home, Misty and Toddy were both sat in the corner of the kitchen together and didn't come to investigate the shopping as they usually do, very strange. They must have been fast asleep and just woken up, they were both back to normal after a few minutes. Despite our best efforts to stay awake after lunch, we both fell asleep in the afternoon catching up on some zzzz's after a busy week. After dinner, we watched the Booze Cruise, a TV comedy drama which has been on before but we missed it the first time around, it was as entertaining as we'd hoped and we're looking forward to the new one later this year.

So it's back to work today and time to starting counting down to our next holiday in ten weeks time, but between now an then, we've got the great British summer and lots of day trips out at the weekends.


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