Saturday, June 19, 2004

Lovely Day

We went to a wedding reception last night, we got a lift there so we could both have a drink. It was at Sheffield United Sports Academy bar and we had a realy good time, the only problem being that they ran out of vodka by 9pm and bicardi by 10pm so if your planning to go there, I suggest you take your own booze lmao.

The plans not to have too much to drink last night were chucked out of the window as usual but we still managed to surface this morning in time for a trip to Knowsley Safari Park. When we got there and had some breakfast, there was no one else around, by the time we had done a lap of the safari park, the car park was full.

We had good views of the lions and rhinos today, the tigers were a bit harder to see as the grass is getting a bit overgrown, I guess when they ask someone to go in and cut it, there aren't that many volunteers. We had a bit of trouble with an emu, I was trying to take a picture of it close up with the window down and it got it's head inside the car and got hold of the little bear Debbie has on the dash board. After a short game of tug-o-war, I managed to get it back and we drove off before it tried to grab something else.

The otters were were in full view for the first time this year, running up and down the bank making alot of noise. The meerkats have some new additions and they are tiny. The baby giraffe has grown since we last visted, it's almost as tall as the others now.

We can't wait to go back again, probably next month and this time we'll be ready for that emu.


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