Sunday, June 27, 2004


After a very tiring week, I ended up in tears by the time I got home from work on friday, Paul as usual was there with a big smile and even big hug for me, make it all worth while coming home

Friday evening we watched Vanessa get evicted from the Big Brother House and all the audiance was booing her, not very nice really....

Saturday we had a ride to Manchester Dogs Home which is about 80 miles away, after getting lost we finally found it and had to wait in the car for half hour till it opened, we had a good look around and thought as usual there is nothing to suit us, then to our amazment in the very last kennel, there he was a scruffy ickle Jack Russell, we asked one of the kennel staff about him and she asked if we had another dog, we replied YES and she said they would not let us take him until they had met each other, so we had to drive all the way back home and pick Lucy up and then drove back again behind a very slow Lorry, just making it back at the kennels in time before they closed...phew...

We have name our new family member HARVEY and he is really getting on well with Lucy but a ickle warey with the cats!!

On the Way home we called at Blockbuster to get some dvd's, Paul came out empty handed as they had none of the three films we wanted!!

While I gave Harvey a bath to get rid of the smell of kennels, Paul went off to Choices to see if they had the films there, we ended up watching The Haunted Mansion and the other film we got we will be watching this afternoon is The Missing.

Today we have been for a walk at Fairburn Ings it was lovely, we walked for miles and fed the swans, geese and ducks a full loaf of bread (piccies above).

Its now chill time with a nice cuppa and the DVD we did not manage to watch last nite due to too many Gin n Tonics and a very hetic

Later Aligators...


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