Monday, June 28, 2004

Up On The Roof

We never managed to watch The Missing last night, we had problems with kids on the roof and inside a shop that closed down two weeks ago. It's behind our house and they were throwing things off the roof which could have easily ended up in our garden. We stood at the bathroom window and when they saw us they ran off. I called the police because the building needed to be made secure. It took about half an hour to get through and they said they couldn't do anything about making it secure as they don't know who the new owners are but asked me to call back if the kids went inside again. We were just about to put the film back on when we heard them shouting outside again, so I looked out the of the bathroom window to find them back inside the building. So I phoned the police back as requested and had to wait another half an hour to speak to someone, obviously they'd gone by then but left the lights on. This time they said they'd send a patrol car round when one was free. By this time it was getting late so we abandoned the film and went to bed.

Harvey was up bright and early this morning, both he and Lucy were a bit more energetic after sleeping most of yesterday afternoon/evening. Harvey is getting used to the cats now and Toddy is walking about the house without his back up and is back to terrorising the window blinds. Misty's just not bothered and sits there looking mean, Harvey seems to know to keep out his way.


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