Sunday, June 06, 2004

Disapointing Day

Well What a Day!!

The Motor Show was a disapointment, there was not that many cars there and our stand was the worst of the lot!

We did see a few nice cars and we did see the new Yaris, which was very nice.

After we went to see a car at the Showroom were I work, only to find another couple looking at it. This lady was a not a soft top driver, she would have been more at home in a clapped out Fiat Uno, but once she knew we was interested she was going for gold in persuading her husband that she really wanted the car. I was really gutted about loosing out but another one will be along soon!

We went therapy shopping in the afternoon and got loads of nice tops and a dress which cheered me up a bit.

We also had visitors yesterday, our very good friend Michael but his brother came along aswell, which was cool until he pinched Paul's seat and we ended up sitting apart all nite which we hate as we always snuggle on the sofa together!!

We went to our local blockbusters and got two dvd's to watch last nite, one was Good Boy about a dog from outter space and the other was Cheaper by the Dozen staring Steve Martin and they both were very enjoyable.


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