Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Getting Along

Lucy and Harvey are getting along like a house on fire :-) We've tried introducing a friend for Lucy before but because she is so timid we've always had problems with Lucy being pushed out or snapped at so we had all but given up hope of finding another dog that was just a timid as Lucy and wouldn't result in fighting over toys and food etc. Harvey has been a star, he's never snapped at Lucy, he's very timid, more so than Lucy which is a good thing as Lucy is still top dog but she won't take advantage of that and would never be nasty towards Harvey. They've been racing round playing together and giving them a chewstick each hasn't been a problem, they just sit down and eat their own, although we know if Harvey walks off and leaves his, Lucy would be on it in a second! Harvey is booked in at the Vet's on Saturday for his final for vaccination and a checkup, we'll also take their advice on when to book him in for neutering.

We watched Big Brother last night, we've not bothered with it over the weekend as was getting a bit boring to be honest, but the introduction of Becky should shake things up a little and we'll be tuning in again tonight. We also managed to keep off the gin and bicardi, Debbie likes a drink with dinner and I like several after dinner so we've decided to give it up during the week and last night we were on Vimto and Robinsons Summer Fruits. I think I just get thirsty in the evenings, I had more than four pints of juice.

Rant warning! .......The kids were back on the roof of the old shop across the way when I got home from work yesterday, they were also inside and trashing the place, window after window was being smashed. I didn't bother phoning the police again, what's the point, if they did catch them, they can't really do anything. It's not really the kids that are making my angry, yes they shouldn't be there but it's the contractors who are working on clearing the site to make way for houses that need a kick up the arse. They must have known yesterday morning that kids had been overnight on Sunday and yet have not made the building secure which I think is just plain irresponsible. Rant over now before I start turning into Victor Meldrew and end up getting buried in the back garden up to my neck!


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Maria said...

As long as you dont start saying 'I dont BELIEVE it!' i'm sure you will be fine. Thanks for the comment on my page too :o)