Thursday, June 24, 2004


Last night we went to get Dad his birthday present, a very nice bottle of Isle of Jura whisky and a flashy purple gift bag to put it in. We arrived at Dads house and I reluctantly handed it over. I've never tried this one before so I think we should go and get another bottle some time soon. We're looking forward to sampling a few whiskies when we visit Scotland later this year and I dare say there will be a bottle or three coming back with us. I think we'll be trying quite a few different tipples when we do our first booze run next year, it's bonkers really, all this scotch gets exported to Europe and then we have to go fetch it back again.

The secret of the collapsing bed incident it out....I'm waiting for the new bed to arrive here today, there was obviously a fault with the old one, probably the fact that we bought it from MFI, we should have known better. Bits have been falling off it for months now. I should really have fixed it ages ago but as with so many things, I never got round to it and on Sunday I finally disappeared through the creaking struts. So it will be a bit of a race tonight to get the new bed home and start building while we watch the footie.


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