Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Gas Mark 6

Another baking day at work yesterday, with no chance of the air con unit working in such high temperatures, we opened the windows which seemed to work better! Debbie had new air con units installed yesterday as promised so she didn't suffer as much with the heat.

We called at Dad's last night and got the latest news on Grandma, she's out of hospital and staying with her daughter for a while, it looks like they will do the new hip replacement but she's got to go back in 4 weeks to find out.

We went to Dads before we'd had any tea so when we got back we just had a couple of microwave burgers and I popped round to the Chinese for some chips and curry sauce, not sure it's healthy but it sure was tasty! We watched Big Brother last night to see who was nominated to go in the spare room for a week and depending on who gets voted out it could be quite interesting in a weeks time.


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