Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Post It Vote

We've posted our vote for the local and European elections, we're not sure we like the look of any of the candidates, but if you don't vote, then you can't complain about how our county's being run. We seem to be one of the lucky ones that actually got a voting pack, apparently there are still loads that haven't been sent out. I can't understand what the problem is, it's only like sending out the old polling cards and they always arrived in time. The voting pack itself could have been made easier, we had to read the instructions about ten times, it's like trying to work out how to put something together you've just bought from Ikea . . . . tear here, fold there, fill in X, Y & Z, put X in envelope A, put Y + Z + A in envelope B. It's an election, not Test The Nation!


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Shrub said...

We got our voting papers too. The procedure seems a little complex. I can imagine a few old folk getting frustrated with it, then giving up. I think it's a mistake to have a 'postal only' ballot.

Voting should be compulsory but we should have the option to vote for 'none of the above'.