Thursday, June 10, 2004

Quack Quack

After a very tasty tea last night, fish cakes, fish fingers, wedges and spaghetti, we watched our Bridget Jones dvd we bought last week. That boating incedent is a classic. It seemed to get hotter as the night went on and we ended up having the fan on number 3 all night long.

A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be quite funny to keep saying "quack quack" to Zippy, I mean if he's struggling with words maybe he could start with duck impressions. Over the last couple of days that's all we've heard ... "quack quack.....ehh ho....quack quack". This morning I went down stairs to take Lucy out and when I came back in, the first noise out of the living room was "quack quack". I think we need to teach him some new sounds now or we're going to have a whole load of female mallards in the back garden.

Two days to go and counting the seconds now, it's far too hot to be working, the sun is out again today and it's getting hotter already. I've given Dad a lift to the hospital this morning, he's got have an injection in his eye so he'll not be able to drive afterwards, rather him than me!


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