Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Carry On Walking

We've had a very busy bank holiday weekend. On Friday night we watched the last episode of Friends and then the start of Big Brother,

On Saturday morning we set off into town for a spell of shopping, we looked in a few places for a necklace but still nothing was jumping out at Debbie so the search goes on. Our next stop was JTF and we got some bargains there including a foot spa, smoothie maker and a new dvd, Les Patterson Saves The World. I get the impression Debbie is no rush to watch this one, she can't stand Dame Edna.

We visited my Grandma who had a nasty fall last weekend, she was a bit bruised but in good spirits and pleased to see us. Dad was there when we arrived and was installing a new phone extension so that Grandmas could have the phone next to the chair. From there we went to Crystal Peaks which was very busy but for once, we found a parking space straight away. Debbie got an England shirt and I got a couple of new flags for the car as one had flown off on the motorway.

We had a couple of smoothies in the evening after tea and neither of us could cope with all the fruit, I think I might have made them a bit too thick.

It was raining when we woke up on Sunday so we decided we'd do nothing all day. We watched Return Of The King which was fantastic and just as hard to follow as the first two movies. Debbie cracked on with the invitations in the afternoon which we think are now finished. I risked another smoothie later on and this time got it about right, it was still quite filling though. We watched Fame on dvd, which is donkeys years old but I've never seen it before so it was nice to see what the classic was all about.

The sun was shining early on Monday morning so we decided to take Lucy for a walk over the road. We got to this nice bit of a pond type thing with wild flowers all around. Debbie set off taking some photos and I got my camera out and took a couple. Then I wanted to get the whole pond in the shot from a lower angle so I crouched down but was a little bit close. So I shuffled backwards and ended up standing on some rocks. As I looked round to see where the rocks had come from, the full horror struck me, I was actually stood on a bridge with a pond on one side and a stream on the other. As I spun round, the slow motion kicked in while my ability to balance faded away and Debbie watched on, unable to get her words out as I disappeared from view. Luckily, I managed to launch myself off the bridge slightly to one side so I didn't end up in the water, I was just covered in grass stains and feeling like a right pillock.

So we headed home so I could get another shower before we set off to Asda for some supplies for a bbq. Having learnt from last time, I put the grill higher up so nothing got flame grilled to death, however, I still managed to reduce a fine cut of steak to a lump of charcoal. The burgers and sausages were tasty though. After a couple of glasses of wine we retired inside to watch Return of the King again, and as I suspected, Debbie was asleep within 15 minutes and I was also fighting the urge to go to sleep so I had a couple more beers to keep me awake. Later on we watched Brother Bear with the Moose commentary on which I thought was hilarious from start to finish, Debbie just thought it confirmed that I've lost all my marbles. We just about managed to stay awake for Big Brother before the need for sleep overcame us both.


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