Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Melting Away

It was very hot yesterday and the forecast for today is hotter still with the possibility of a thunderstorm or two so it's going to be muggy as well. We had a quick rain shower this morning which was nice but we're back to hot sunshine again now.

We couldn't be bothered with the computer or anything last night, we just sat on the sofa watching telly with the fan on us. Zippy was in full voice, I think he's enjoying this hot weather, he's just started saying "hello" properly instead of the tellytubbies style "ehh-hoo".

The air con at work packed in yesterday afternoon when sun came round our side of the building. It must have overheated because it came back on again for 20 minutes later then fizzled out again. We've got the worlds only air con unit that doesn't work when it's hot! Debbie's having air con installed today at work so it should be a bit better over there, I'll just have to direct my fan on to the air con unit to keep it cool!


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