Friday, June 11, 2004

Hooray Hooray

It's our holi-holi-day! The weather forecast is looking good for a few days out, we're planning a trip to coast, another visit to Knowsley, going to a zoo we've not been to before and a trip to the dentist.

After a quick shopping expedition to the supermarket last night we had a meaty tea, Chinese style pork chop things and a selection of meat on a stick, not sure what it was but it was very nice and was washed down with a vodka and coke or two. We're both exhausted by this heat and not getting too much sleep, we managed to stay awake long enough to watch Big Brother and I'm really looking forward to tonight's pretend eviction show, sad I know, but simple things please simple minds and they don't come much simpler than this one.

On the journey in to work this morning I could have had 10 points for paper boy with trolley who was meandering down the middle of the street, he spotted me when I got within six inches of him, maybe next time.. This particular street is one way, quite narrow and has parked cars on both sides. A few years ago I used to have fun some mornings playing chicken with a moped that used to be coming down the wrong way when I turned in to the street, it's funny how you know someone is panicking even if you can't see their face.


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