Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Shush Shush

We had a lazy day on Easter Monday, the weather wasn't really fit for anything else, not only was it raining, it was also much colder to boot. We did venture out to the supermarket and found that everyone else in the area was there too, fighting for spaces in the car park.

Against our better judgement we tip-toed in to Carphone Warehouse to look for a new mobile phone, it wasn't long before we had someone hovering behind us, itching to tell us about Talk Talk. I told him, please do not mention Talk Talk, we don't want it.......twenty minutes later after waffling on about Talk Talk, he got round to sorting out a new phone.....none in stock!

We know which mobile we want and we know another branch that has them, we've just got to be strong when we go in, armed with a whole bag of 'shush' for the salesmen that just won't stop talk talking.


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