Tuesday, March 01, 2005

House Hunting

We were on the house hunt again last night and popped out to view a house that we liked the look of. We weren't disappointed, in fact, if we were in a position to put an offer now we would do, it's got everything we want, bay window, garage, large garden and is higher up with a still snow covered lawn! Debbie was busy mentally arranging the furniture in the living room and designing an on-suite bathroom upstairs ..lol..

I'll be in touch with the estate agents today to see what we can do, realistically it's going to be a week on Saturday before we can put ours on the market and then with any luck, not more than a couple of weeks before we get an offer. The vendor is happy to wait for us I've just got to try and bend the ear of the estate agent and get them to wait for us too :-)

One thing is for sure, now we've got the right house waiting for us, we're going to be working flat out now to make sure we are green for go on that Saturday!


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