Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shopping & Painting

The plans for doing a few bit on the house went out of the window on Saturday with us pining for some serious shopping, so off we went into town for the first time in ages. Debbie got some new trousers for hew new job and I got a mono pod for my camera for those long distance close ups that always turn out blurred. We also got a couple of new game for the playstation, Crash Nitro Kart and Sonic Mega Collection.

By the time we got home we just had an hour to chill before we were back in town collecting a KFC bucket and three DVD's, Ladies In Lavender, The Incredibles and Finding Neverland.

On Sunday we went out to get some new blinds for the living room but couldn't find the right colour so we ended up putting the old ones up, washed and ironed ..lol.. We got the kitchen ceiling painted which just leaves a few ten minute jobs that we can fit in anytime. We relaxed in the afternoon watching Ladies In Lavender then after tea had a couple of hours on the Playstation, something we've not done for over a year. The gaming stopped just in time to watch a new drama, Diamond Geezer which we really enjoyed.

Monday saw Debbie starting her new job which she'll tell you all about in her diary soon, I can tell you her first day went great but we didn't have to take a ride to Meadowhall last night for a shoe shopping session, it wasn't too bad and she quickly found something suitable, I even got some myself, exactly the same as my old ones!


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