Monday, March 07, 2005

Turbo Decorating

It really has been all systems go this weekend! As soon as we were back from work on Friday we got started on the attic bedroom, clearing out all the rubbish that's been dumped up there over the last few years. On Saturday we filled a whole skip with rubbish and we're still going to need a couple of trips to the tip! Then we a had a trip to B & Q and Focus for a new shower curtain rail and some ceiling tiles. As soon as we got back we painted the stairway walls and tiled the attic stairway.

There was no let up on Sunday, painting the attic stairway, glossing in the kitchen, putting a border up in the bathroom, fixing a new shower curtain rail, hanging a new bathroom window blind, tidying the living room and generally moving things around.

This morning we're both absolutely knackered, but we've still got things to do today. I've got to pop back home at lunch time for the valuation and photos then tonight we've both got places to go after work before meeting up back home in time to go through the mortgage with our financial advisor. We've got more cleaning, tidying and a little painting through this week to make sure everywhere is spotless before anyone comes to view the house.


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A Touch of Style said...

We are nearly there too. One more room to hang stuff on the walls and some curb appeal for the front yard and then we are ready for the masses. Gee, I can't wait. The fun is just about to start.

A Touch of Style :)