Wednesday, March 23, 2005

No Rain Please, I'm Lucy

Only one more day after this one and we've got a nice long spring weekend! Friday looks like being a nice sunny day at the moment before the bank holiday rain moves in for the weekend. Weather permitting, we're hoping to take the dogs to the coast, it will be Lolly's first time and we're hoping he likes the sea a little bit more than Lucy.

Yesterday morning I opened the door for them both to go out and while Lolly shot out, Lucy just stood there because there had been a few drops of rain overnight and didn't want to get her feet wet! If Lolly does like the sea, I think we'll get a dingy for Lucy so Debbie and I can pull her along behind us through the rock pools!

Our mortgage is in place now ready to roll as soon as we sell our place but there's no news on that front yet, I'm thinking of tying balloons and flags to the 'for sale' sign over the bank holiday weekend to get us noticed!


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...just-rambling... said...

Hello! (Touch of Style sent me.) I like your blog design. Good luck selling your house!