Friday, March 04, 2005

Have a Break, Have a Bacardi

We very nearly started the attic bedroom last night, then Debbie produced a bottle of Bacardi and with no coke in the house I had to go to the shop and came back with coke and six cans of Guinness. We'll do the bedroom tonight

With all the fun and games sorting out the house we've not really had chance to take many pictures of Lolly over the last week, we'll have to get some taken this weekend, that is if the little bugger will sit still long enough! He's really come out of his shell now and last night he was racing about like a nutter with an empty toilet roll he'd nicked.

Lucy is still getting on really well with Lolly although I suspect she prefers it when he's asleep. She's got used to the cats way of life, sleeping all day and all night


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Astrantia said...

You couple of alcofrolicks, you! Hehe ;-)