Thursday, May 12, 2005

Take A Break

With the lovely weather yesterday, I was compelled to go and have a walk round Locke Park yesterday lunch time and it certainly beats fighting your way into town or staying in the office and trying to answer the phone after taking a huge bite out on enormous butty!

The park was really quiet, devoid of any school kids which was nice, the only company being the blackbirds and pigeons foraging on the ground, the smaller birds fluttering among the trees and the squirrels racing about under cover of the bushes, occasionaly coming out to pose for the camera. There was that lovely aroma of fresh cut grass as I made my way round the park looking for the flower garden. After ten minutes of searching, I though to myself, I've lost it! It's there somewhere, sad as it maybe, even though we've been there before, I'm going to have to look at a map of the place to find it lol.

We had an email from our gas and electricity supplier last night, they've estimated the bill again. They're a bit on the crafty side, they never ask for a reading, they just do an estimate based on you living in Siberia and the it's up to us to do a reading and put them straight. This is if their web site is working, more often than not it isn't, like last night when we had to call and give them the reading over the phone. Except we couldn't, because the manager was on holiday this week so they couldn't take any reading from us. Perfectly acceptable for a national company, my arse! I asked to speak to someone higher up the chain, they suggested customer services, who conveniently closed five minutes ago. Hey ho, I've been promised that they'll be calling me this morning, that is if the manager there isn't on holiday too lol.


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