Friday, May 06, 2005

One Mad dash After Another

Well, what a day yesterday was, first of all the fella who was coming to view our house decides at the last minute that he can't make it, we weren't impressed having got up early to get everything ship shape for a lunchtime visit. From now on it's strictly evenings and weekends only, no more rushing around like a blue arse flies in the early hours for us.

On arriving home, there was a phone message from Asda, our new glasses were ready, so we shot off down there to pick them up, along with a couple of butties to munch in the car.

After tea in the supermarket car park we raced over for our debut at the camera club which turned out to be a really enjoyable evening even though it was mostly watching tips on using Photoshop. We still had to go and vote so we had to leave early but the chappy in charge had a chat with us before we left which was nice and we'll definitely be going back.

Remembering we'd forgot the polling cards, we shot off home again, I raced inside, said hello and goodbye to the dogs before sprinting into the polling station. Votes cast, we still had to do the shopping and by this time it was almost 10pm. Anyway we got to the supermarket and got the trolley loaded up then found I'd left my wallet at home. With Debbie wandering round the isles, I raced back home, sprinted inside, said hiya to the dogs, got my wallet and raced back to the supermarket.

I think we got back home with the shopping at about 11.30pm, just in time to see the first results of the election coming through and managed a quick stiff drink before collapsing into bed.

The new glasses aren't disguising the very tired eyes this morning lol. Time to get another round of coffee's in!


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Snowbabies said...

Copied from Haloscan:

coffee's always good!
neko | 05.07.05 - 12:23 am | #


That's what you call a hectic evening! Made me feel tired just reading it. Pics of the new glasses please?
Jennytc | 05.07.05 - 7:39 am | #


Rofl....what a funny picture that painted of you rushing backward and forwward all evening! Shopping in Asda at way! heh
gemmak | 05.07.05 - 11:24 pm | #


We had no other choice as we were at a wedding reception on friday nite and saturday out with friends for another meal, plus the fridge and breadbin were propper empty....

Good job we are spring chickens, mind you this morning I feel like an old rubber

Buttercup (snowbabies Team) | 05.08.05 - 10:48 am | #


Hello both

Sorry havent stopped by in a while, been so busy.

Sorry to hear they didnt turn up to see the house, I remember all the work that goes into it.

Have a good week

Sarah | 05.08.05 - 10:11 pm | #