Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Big Prints

The new printer we got on Sunday has turned out to be fantastic! Up to now we've been using a little Epson Stylus and to be honest, it was easier to get prints done down the photo shop than attempting to get a half decent photo off our own printer. But now we've got this new HP beastie, which does up to A3 prints, it's so much easier with front paper loading and the end result, especially on A4 is out of this world. We've printed out more pictures this weekend than we have in the last two years and now have something to put in the frames we've been buying.

What we have found though is that most of our existing collection of photos, which is in the thousands, has been taken at lower resolution than is required for A4 printing but is still ok on the standard 6 x 4 size. We've now changed the settings on the cameras to biggest size and highest resolution and found that snaps from this weekend print perfectly as A4. With the number of available pictures on the memory card reduced to 200, the next purchase will be a couple of 1GB cards. How did we ever manage with a roll of 24 exp film!


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