Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Join The Club

We got a message from the camera club yesterday telling us to go along to the next meeting where we would be made very welcome, which as luck would have it, is in a pub!

So last night it was time to sort out our photo collection, something we've been putting off for about three years. It was nice looking back at some of the older photos which we've not seen since we took them. While browsing through we picked out over a hundred to print out and put in our new portfolio. While the printing was going on and boy did it go on, we copied all our existing photos on to CD which is something we should be doing every week, a slap on the wrist for that one.

Printing the photos four to an A4 page, we ended up leaving it running overnight with the eyes giving in on page nine of twenty five lol. This morning there was a message waiting for us on the computer, 'ink running low, please replace cartidges'. Somebody somewhere is rubbing there hands together with this ink cartridge business! Anyway all the photos printed out overnight and they all look fantastic!


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Snowbabies said...

I work in a photo shop and it is cheaper to get them done with us. Home printing is fine for what you want, but if you need 6x4's pop em on a cd and take em to boots. O/n service works out at 10p a print if you have 50 or more. Sorry for the advert. If you want any advice, I've been a photo technician for 35 yrs.
freddy | 05.04.05 - 11:45 pm | #

Yes, Freddy and it's much less hassle if there's a big batch to do. We'll still use the high street service for large numbers of standard size prints and print our own for framing etc.
Snowbabies | 05.05.05 - 8:15 am | #