Friday, May 20, 2005

Mad Week

It certainly has been a mad week, trust things to start moving on the house front while I was on the course in Cheshire, every spare minute was spent on the phone sorting things out. I'm glad to be back now so we can get things signed off to speed things along.

It wasn't all hard work though, driving over the Pennines everyday was nice and I got loads of photos of the beautiful scenery up there, unfortunately we've not got time at the moment to post any here, I'll just have to plonk them in the photo album when things calm down a bit. It was tiring though, driving though new areas, constantly on the lookout for speed signs and speed cameras, which are not always yellow over there!

With still loads to do, mortgage, solicitor and an enormous amount of packing, it's might be a few days again before we manage to get a post on here with the latest news but we'll be back as soon as we can.



Jennifer said...

Good Luck!!

Anarchy said...

Hey!Ive moved my blog!To

Snowbabies said...

Copied from Haloscan:

In the 17 years I have lived in Canada I have packed and moved a total of 9 times, so I can totally relate to the madness that must be going on behind the scenes at your place. Wonderful news though!
Just Sue | 05.20.05 - 4:52 pm | #


It's hard work I know, but it calms down when youv'e actually moved!!!
freddy | 05.20.05 - 10:16 pm | #


Ooo I dont envy you there, hope all is going ok.

Have a good (hopefully less busy ) week

Sarah | 05.24.05 - 6:09 pm | #