Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fruit Machine

The dogs took me for a walk again last night, we've got them one of those double lead things so they can walk along without getting all tangled up, which I kept them on until we got to the field. After five minutes for wrestling on the grass I managed to get them both on a flexi lead each and off they went in opposite directions until the cord ran out and nearly pulled my arms off!

Last night we took my Dad and my Brother out for a meal. I was the nominated driver and contented myself with shandy and Kaliber while Debbie was on the gin and tonics. We had a lovely night and the mixed grill and steak pie we're lovely. On the way out it was time for traditional throwing money into the fruit machine and Debbie managed to win a couple of pounds!

So it was another late night yesterday, made worse by the very hot muggy weather making it almost impossible to get to sleep even with the fan on number two all night. It's not like it's been all that sunny, just short spells followed by cloudy evenings. It's hot and humid in the office again this morning so it's looks like it's going to be another night under the fan.


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Astrantia said...

Hopefully you'll get some sun over there soon ;-) The humidity always falls between 80%-95% so imagine how I feel ;-P