Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Neither of us are feeling to clever at the moment, Debbie's still trying to get rid of her cold and I've still got tooth/jaw/ear ache following the trip to the dentist last week. I gave the buggy another run last night after finding some new batteries in a drawer. I was surprised the neighbours didn't come out to complain, having said that, I don't think it was all that loud. At lunch time I'll be off to get some re-chargeable batteries and tonight we might be going on over to the fields with the dogs depending on the weather. I've checked the forecast and heavy rain is on the way, hopefully it'll hold of until after dark.

I've just been speaking to the cleaners here and apparently we had a big thunderstorm last night with huge hail stones. We didn't hear anything, as soon as Big Brother had finished we were out like a light. I think we could both do with a right good afternoon kip at the weekend ...yawn...


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