Monday, July 05, 2004

Brum Brum!

Disaster struck me on Sunday afternoon, I managed to get the nitro fuel in using a washing up liquid bottle cut in half as a funnel but having left the battery pack for the start motor on charge over night, there was still not enough juice in it to get the buggy started. I tried charging it again for 15 minutes at a time and tried to start the buggy again time after time but it wouldn't have it so we took Lucy and Harvey for a walk over the road. It's a good job we had our coats, as soon as we got outside, the bright sunshine turned into a very heavy shower but thankfully didn't last for too long. After passing the bridge that I fell off the other week, we took a different route, taking us past a pond where we saw a rabbit next to some trees, Debbie tried taking a picture but I think it was too far away and we couldn't get any closer because of the dogs.

We got back and I set up the buggy and tried starting again and this time I finally managed to get it going. The little 2-stroke engine needs to be run in so I ad to leave it idling until the fuel tank was empty. Feeling hungry having not eaten since breakfast, we had a Chinese meal for tea and watched Second Hand Lions which is a fantastic film about a boy growing up with his two barmy uncles. After the film I filled the tank on the buggy again and we slowly drove it around the back yard as it was too late to be going back over the fields again. The running in period is almost over, I've got to drive the buggy now at medium speed for 4 tanks of fuel and after that, I can let rip and see what a buggy doing 40mph across the field looks like!

I've got to go and get a little squeezy bottle for fill the buggy tank today, I would have though that the shop where I bought would have sold me one or at least told me one was required but they didn't really offer much advice at all, a bit shabby really for a specialized shop like that. I'm just hoping we don't get much rain today so the fields dry out and we can get out on to the fields after work.



Snowbabies said...

Think all this BRUM BRUM is going to your head!!


Your other half.x.x.x

Jennyta said...

Boys and their toys....!!!! :-)